These 6 Things You Must Ask Before You Take Pictures

Why is it that when I finish shooting, of the many hundred photos that I take, only a few look good?┬áMaybe you often ask questions like that, either to other people or to yourself. One of the effects of today’s sophisticated photo technology where we live snap, sometimes it does make people just snap.

That is what causes the photos we take look normal. How do you make the photos that you take look memorable and unusual? There are at least 6 things you need to ask, before you press the shutter on the camera, or touch the screen on the screen to take pictures.

1. What will you tell through your photos?
This is an important question, because from this question will determine the next things about your photo taking technique.

What kind of story will you present from your photo or what story do you want to highlight from the photo? Is your goal really just to capture the event in the photo or want to find a moment that is there?

Is that a single photo, which has its own meaning or is it from the whole series of photos that you will take another picture.

2. What are the focal points or points of interest in the photo?
When someone sees your photo, which part of your photo do you want people to see first? Or the first time someone’s eyes will be attracted to see it.

This section is the main thing that you want to display in a photo, if you already know it, that way you will easily adjust its placement in the photo. Whether it’s using the Rule of Thirds composition or determining a unique angle.

3. What is the right lens length for shooting?
After you determine the point of interest in the photo, then you will then determine how long the focal length of the lens you will use, because this will affect your point of interest

Are you going to use tele shots or wide shots, which parts of the photo will be sharp, will the whole field be sharp or is only a small part sharp.

4. What about background and foreground?
Sometimes a photo looks good on the subject, but the background photo feels annoying, whether it’s a lot of garbage or color composition that does not match the main subject that you highlight.

Also pay attention to the photo foreground, whether it is blocking the main subject of the photo or not, do not let the existence of these two things interfere with the view of your point of interest.

5. Am I close enough?
A person’s main mistake when photographing, sometimes is that he shoots too far from the subject of the photo. Maybe because he wants to capture the entire background, but sometimes it makes the main subject even ‘disappear’.

By filling your entire frame with the subject of a photo, it will make the photo look more dynamic and present more details of the subject.

6. What light source do I use?
The essence of photography is light, without light you will not be able to capture good photos. When shooting, you must know what light source you are using.

Is the natural lighting from the sun or artificial lighting, whether using flash or studio lights, or other lighting.

Different light sources, different characteristics of the light produced and their impact on the photo. One light source that is simple and you can use is an external flash, you can read articles on how to recognize the external flash and its functions.

Of course when you are photographing, it is quite difficult to remember the six questions above, but at least you start to practice one by one, so get used to it and do it without the need to try to remember again, of course because it is trained and accustomed.