The Best Digital Camera Brands

It is undeniable that the development of smart camera technology (smartphone) is gradually beginning to threaten the digital camera market. That is real in our daily lives. People are more likely to use a smart camera (smartphone) instead of a digital camera, because besides the price is quite affordable, the shape is also slim, and the resulting image quality is no less good than a digital camera.

Choosing the best camera brand is not easy, given the fact that there are so many and varied camera brands. Besides that, each camera on the market is equipped with its own advantages.

Most people prefer Canon and Nikon cameras (because they are a well-known and well-known brand in the world) to accompany them when they take pictures. However, are Canon and Nikon cameras the best brands for digital cameras?

The following are the best digital camera brands taken from several sources.


What is the first brand that you think of when talking about cameras? Yes, since 1937, Canon has become the unbeatable camera manufacturer in the world. This strong brand is almost identical to camcorders and DSLRs! Previously, the company joined Nikon in connection with lenses and optical glass but with the latest technological developments at this time, the Canon company could produce its own unique Penta mirror and quality lens. Canon, a global leader in digital cameras, is far from its competitors when it comes to innovation and quality. Digital camera product brands consist of Canon Power Shot; Power Shot G; Digital IXUS; EOS and EF series lenses.

For example, the Canon EOS 760D offers top notch performance, amazing image quality and fantastic features such as LCD screens, external controls and touch screen connectors to place models on par with expensive professional cameras from industry. In fact, the fact that you get this amazing device at a price that even most novice users or new people can make it a winner.


A subsidiary of Mitsubishi, Nikon is one of the well-known brands that ranks second in the world under Canon. It is also rewarded with the honor of giving NASA the first DSLR camera (NASA F4)! Discovered in 1917 by Nippon Kogaku Kogyo Kabushikigaisha, Nikon has turned into the second largest manufacturer of camera products in the world. The D5 series with its good features and a durable model or shape is very popular with customers. Even though the shape is rough, the 173-point AF system (among the best autofocus systems) and high resolution image quality only add to the customer’s trust in the brand. The latest addition to the list is the Nikon D500 model which has experienced an increase in some of its features. For example, the full frame sensor is now replaced with a competent 20.9MP APS-C chip for taking pictures at a flexible 10fps angle.

3.  SONY

Founded in 1964, this giant technology has spread very quickly and has become one of the leading brands in consumer electronics. Sony is the third largest digital camera manufacturer, under Canon and Nikon. This camera is friendly and very helpful in shooting so it is suitable for use by every circle of amateurs, beginners, and even professionals. With advanced technology and a good or elegant framework, Sony has become the third largest digital camera brand in the world. The RX100; Alpha SLT-A57 SLR Black; Cyber-shot and NEX-F3 is one of the famous products from Sony.

However, the latest addition to Sony’s list, the A7 series which is an amazing camera with a link to display changes to a mirrorless camera is a separate class. Equipped with high resolution and image quality, the Sony mirroless camera is a real camera and is good to use.

The Sony A7R II should be proud of its 42.4-megapixel sensor and high-resolution electronic shooting window. Besides that, this camera is equipped with an integrated image stabilization system and real-time viewing features, making this camera fun to take photos and take videos.

Thus the article that we can provide for you about the best digital camera brands. I hope this article can be useful. Good luck …