6 Photographic Equipment To Become A Professional Photographer

Nowadays, everyone feels like they can become photographers. Whether using a cell phone camera or a DSLR class. The features contained in a DSLR camera really help anyone to be able to make interesting photos.

However, not everyone who has a camera and is able to produce attractive photos can become a professional photographer. Why?

Because to become a professional photographer, you need strong commitment and high flexibility. Unlike the hobby photographer who shoots according to his own wishes, professional photographers must actually be able to fulfill the wishes of the client.

Therefore, to become a professional photographer requires qualified photography equipment. Here are 6 must-have photography equipment if you want to become a professional photographer.

1. Pro Level DSLR Camera

When deciding to become a professional photographer the photos produced must be above average. Because it is absolutely necessary to use a high-end DSLR camera.

Don’t claim to be a professional photographer while still using an entry level camera. Photos produced by the two cameras will be different even if done by the same person.

Because the DLSR pro level or high-end camera is equipped with a full-frame sensor. With a hefty sensor, the ability to produce images would be more leverage.
In terms of price, a DLSR pro camera can be worth tens of times that of an entry level DLSR camera.

As an illustration, the Canon Eos 5D mark IV is currently sold in the market at a price of almost 50 million rupiahs. That is the price of body only, aka without a lens. While Canon’s entry level cameras are in the range of 6-9 million rupiahs.

2. Lens Varies

Pro level DSLR cameras will not do any good if you only rely on the camera’s built-in lens or kit lens. A professional photographer must have a variety of lenses.

From wide angle to telephoto lens. Do not miss the fix lens that has better sharpness than the vario lens.

Having a variety of lenses will greatly assist the work of professional photographers. Because he will definitely use more than one type of lens in one shooting event. Including when doing outdoor shooting.

At least the lenses that must be owned are wide angle lenses, standard 50 mm lenses, and 200 mm telephoto lenses.

3. High Specifications Laptops

In addition to cameras and lenses, photographic equipment that must be owned by a professional photographer is a laptop. Not an ordinary laptop. But laptops with high specifications.

Such as processors with speeds above 2.4 Ghz, at least 4 GB of RAM, and graphics cards equivalent to Nvidia GeForce. High specifications owned by the laptop will really help you when editing photos.

Of course, there is also a photo editing software inside. The most widely used software for photographers, of course, is Adobe Photoshop.

However, for those who use Macbook Pro to edit photos, there are a number of softwares that can also be used besides Photoshop.

4. External Hardisk

Do not underestimate the existence of an external hard drive when you will become a professional photographer. As a professional, the results of your photos will definitely be very many.

Because it needs a special place to store it. Relying on an internal hard drive is guaranteed not to be able to accommodate all the photos you have ever produced.

Photo storage system can also use a kind of docking. So you do not need to buy an external hard drive that is equipped with a casing. Simply buy an ordinary hard drive which is then installed into the docking to connect with the laptop.

5. Lens Filter

This photographic equipment is indeed included in the category of accessories. But its usefulness cannot be underestimated. UV filter, which is the most standard filter in photography, serves to protect the lens from scratches or dirt that can make images not good.

In addition there are many other types of filters that are often used by professional photographers. As an ND filter that can reduce the intensity of incoming light. Can also CPL filters that can make images look more detailed.

All filters have their respective functions as needed. Make sure you use these filters to enhance your photos.

6. Tripod

You will need photographic equipment such as a tripod when shooting indoors or outdoors. A tripod will keep the camera steady in its place.

Unlike when the camera is in the photographer’s hand, the shooting angle will definitely change.

By using a tripod, the angle and shooting area will not change. This will facilitate the work of the photographer because there is no need to re-check the position of the camera when shooting.

To become a professional photographer, the above photographic equipment is absolutely yours to have. However, what is more important is the extent to which your ability to maximize the equipment into the results of the photos in accordance with client requests.