Get Sunset Photos Of Non-Failure Even If Only Use The HP Camera

The moment the sunset is amazing, do not be surprised if many people try to capture it into a photo. Although it looks easy, but it turns out to be able to perfect sunset photos is quite difficult. Moreover, sometimes the sunset is quite difficult to calculate the time.

It’s not a reliable photographer, but you can really get an interesting sunset photo if you apply some of these tricks. Don’t need an expensive DSLR, just using an HP camera is enough!

1. Be prepared for half or even one hour before sunset prediction time

Sunset movement is arguably fast enough. Well, because not necessarily one time direct photos can be good, so we need to provide more time in advance to prepare carefully. While waiting, you can find the right spots and angles.

2. Adjust or activate the exposure focus on your HP camera

Open the camera on the HP screen, then tap around the object. Your cellphone will adjust the exposure itself automatically. Well, you just need to hold in this position to lock the focus by sliding it downwards.

So it’s not dark, don’t tap focus on the sun, yeah! Do not also knock on the street or building area around the sun because it will become over exposure.

3. To make it easier, just activate the gridlines on the camera phone

The position of the appropriate object makes the photo look more attractive. Moreover, by activating this feature, you can get a balanced image composition! Well, so that the sunset photo doesn’t fail, position the cell phone just under the horizon or the horizon line, yeah!

4. Activate the HDR feature on the default HP camera

This feature can make you get multiple photos at once. Usually, there are photos with normal, under and even over exposure. Now, from these three results, you can choose which photo best suits your taste, just save and upload it to social media.

5. Make sure you don’t move a lot, or to make it more stable, just use a tripod

So that the picture is just right and doesn’t blur, make sure you are on a stable pedestal so that it doesn’t shake. But, if deemed difficult, it’s better to use a tripod.

6. Forbidden to activate the flash and use the zoom when shooting sunset

Turning on the flash will actually make the sunset photo darker, so the sun isn’t visible. Although tempted to get photos of objects that are closer, try not to use the zoom feature. You better go ahead! You see, this zoom feature will reduce the quality of the photo and even make the sunset so unclear.

Now, because this sunset moment is only brief, take as many pictures as possible. So later when it’s done just choose which one is the best. Do not rush to move if the sun has set, because sometimes the scenery after that is no less cool you. Good luck!