5 Recommended Free PC Photo Editing Software

The photo editing process has become a necessity that cannot be separated from everyday life.

Social Media is the biggest driving factor in the use of applications for photo editing purposes because most people want to appear perfect in social media posts.

PC is still the main choice for editing photos because this device has a much faster performance compared to mobile phones.

Recommended Application to Edit Photos on the Best Free PC

Software used for editing photos on a PC is mostly paid or requires users to pay a subscription fee every month or every year.

Fortunately, there are several free photo editing software that you can use for editing photos on a PC. Although it’s free, this software is quite good at doing various editing jobs.

What are some free photo editing software that you can download and install freely on your computer? Here are more info.

1. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is the most suitable photo editing software for those of you who are looking for software options that are practical and easy to use.
You can improve the quality of a photo with just one click. This program can determine roughly the results of the photo as what is the best you can get.

Not only that, this software can also edit multiple photos at once if the thing you want to edit is still the same thing.
This software is also quite light on your PC or laptop, so you don’t need to worry about your PC being slow when installing this software.

2. Photo Pos Pro

This sophisticated Softaware is suitable for those of you who need a cheaper and lighter PhotoShop alternative.
This software has 2 choices that you can use, i.e. novice and expert so you don’t need to worry if this software will be too complicated to use.

Excellent features in this software include optimizing photos, removing backround or unwanted objects, and there are also a large selection of frames and collages.
This software is also quite lightweight where even the Pentium processor can still run the program.


GIMP is a photo editing program developed and distributed free of charge for computer users.

This cool software can be optimized using plugins that can be downloaded separately as needed.
Not only is it easy to use, you can also adjust this program to each side as freely as you can.

Although it was developed free of charge, this one software supports a variety of jobs like other paid photo editing software.

4. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is a lightweight photo editing software that you can use for various purposes.

This software is designed in a minimalist way to facilitate users in using this software without the need for any help.

Although classified as a lightweight software, the features offered are also quite diverse such as image quality optimization and can also add a variety of interesting effects.

5. Darktable

The best software this one has a lot of similarities with Lightroom photo editing software.

The most striking difference between this software and Lightroom is that you don’t have to pay anything to use this software.

This software has a variety of features that you can use for the photo editing process.

In addition, this software also supports various photo formats, so you don’t need to worry about reformatting the photo before editing it in this application.

That’s the recommendation of photo editing software that you can use for free on a PC that you can install anytime and anywhere.
This collection of software can be a reference for those of you who have difficulty buying premium photo editing software such as PhotoShop.
The software in this list is also relatively lightweight and can be used widely on a variety of computers.