7 Best Photo Editing Applications For Android And iOS

When visiting or vacationing somewhere, of course it seems there is something missing if you don’t capture the moment there.

Moreover, now the smartphone already has a camera feature that allows you to get good photos.

But sometimes, shots from one’s own hands can be less than perfect, whether it’s from the angle or the brightness of the photo.

Now to outsmart, you can use the best photo editing application on smartphones, both Android and iOS.

With the help of the photo editing application, you can add color filters, combine and crop photos according to taste.

Photo Editing Application on Smartphones, for Android and iOS

Summarized by Indozone from various sources, here are the best photo editing applications on smartphones that you can try:

1. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor is one of the best photo editing applications chosen by smartphone users, both Android and iOS.
This one application has excellent filter results and is able to detect objects in photos.
It’s just that, to use Prisma Photo Editor, you have to make sure your internet connection is smooth, guys.


VSCO or VSCO Cam photo editing application is also a favorite of many people, especially for those who are addicted in the world of photography.
After editing on VSCO, your photo display will look more cool, artistic and like taken with an analog camera.
Besides being practical and easy, VSCO is present for iOS and Android users. You can download directly on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
However, not all filter options are available for free. To enjoy paid filters, you have to buy in full pack.
That way, a variety of attractive color filters, contrast, sharpness, and brightness you can choose as you wish.

3. PicsArt

The popular photo editing application PicsArt has a good design and various advanced features. Starting from photo collages, frames, to funny stickers.
PicsArt can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. It’s just that some features in it are paid.
After editing photos with this PicsArt application, it is guaranteed that your photo results will look more instagramable.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Of all the photo editing applications, Adobe Photoshop Express is arguably the easiest to use on Android smartphones.
Not only user friendly, this application has several important features such as filters, effects, crop, rotation, straighten, flip photos, frames, and image rendering engine.
This image rendering engine can be used to edit photos of various sizes, one of which is panorama.
You who want your selfie photos to look neater and cleaner from blemishes on your face can immediately choose the blemish-removal feature.
There is also a Noise Reduction feature to minimize spots or other distractions when taking photos at night.

5. Pixlr

Are you not satisfied with the results of the shots yourself? Try to quickly polish your photos with the Pixlr photo editing application.
There are so many features available in it such as brightness, contrast, insert text, stickers, effects, borders, overlays, and image quality.
Pixlr’s photo editing application can be enjoyed by Android and iOS users.

6. Snapseed

For you who like photos, the Snapseed application must be on your smartphone.
You can edit and process photos with a variety of cool features in Snapseed such as crop, tune image, tonal contrast, and vignette.
Only with Snapseed, you will get the best photos you want. Must try, guys!

7. Adobe Lightroom

Next, the best photo editing application on smartphones is Adoba Lightroom. Its features are similar to the computer version.
Because of that, editing photos with Adobe Lightroom will be more detailed and quite complicated compared to other applications.
Of course, the complexity is also in accordance with the results of the photos you edited in Lightroom. The aesthetics are higher.
This Adobe Lightroom application is actually a simplified version of Adobe Photoshop.