5 Tips on Editing Celebrity-style Photos with Lightroom Presets

Maybe some of you who want to be celebrities or just exist on Instagram, want photos that you upload or post look better and cooler, but what’s the power of some people who think that to become celebrities must have an expensive smartphone like the iPhone so that the photos posted look very nice. In fact, not so! You only need to improve the quality of your photos by editing photos. There are many applications that you can use, one of them is Lightroom.

Lightroom which is usually used by editors and using a PC can now be used on the mobile version or commonly used on the Android and IOS platforms.

1. First, you have to understand what Lightroom presets are edited, just paste and BOOM! Your photos can look cool in seconds!

Just sticking it doesn’t mean your photo will look cool. You also need to know that lightroom presets don’t match your photo, presets are made with brightness, contrast, which follows the photo where the preset was made. So after you paste the presets, you need to edit them a little because each photo will have a different light and color composition. For that, don’t forget to adjust before posting to Instagram.

2. Lightroom presets also depend on conditions, so first determine the spot before the preset paste origin

Not all presets will produce satisfying results for you, maybe some of the presets that you use will match and some others don’t.

Relax, if you are already good at using lightroom you might be able to adjust it. But for those of you who are beginners, you only need to reselect the photo you are using or the presets you are using.

Pay attention to the presets, if the presets are used in nature photos look for photos with a nature theme, if the presets are used for dusk it certainly will not fit on photos that are too bright or during the day. Look for the appropriate photo.

3. Choose a lightroom preset that suits your hobby. Make it your identity, then you will be known

If you look at Instagram feeds selebgram will look neat and has its own uniqueness. They know very well the presets they are using or how they are editing.

Well, for that you must first determine what your hobbies are and specify your preset. If you are a traveler, it is necessary to use presets that are suitable for travelers and post photos of your activities consistently.

4. Consistent is necessary, so you get more attention to be the most unique in social media

Do you know Nabilazirus celebrity? If you know, of course you really know the uniqueness of what makes him famous. Well, photos that are combined with animated images and unique preset colors certainly make others want to be like him.

But does he make it by imitating others?
Well who knows … but you should know that every post he will be consistent with the same edtan results. Then you might also need to have its own presets and edits and make it more consistent to publish

5. Finally, it’s better you make your own presets to make it more fitting

Well of course making your own presets is much better, because this is a matter of taste. There may be a lot of presets available but it doesn’t suit you, well the solution is to make it yourself, try downloading the lightroom just play, just edit it then you will know the functions slowly.