5 Recommended Free PC Photo Editing Software

The photo editing process has become a necessity that cannot be separated from everyday life.

Social Media is the biggest driving factor in the use of applications for photo editing purposes because most people want to appear perfect in social media posts.

PC is still the main choice for editing photos because this device has a much faster performance compared to mobile phones.

Recommended Application to Edit Photos on the Best Free PC

Software used for editing photos on a PC is mostly paid or requires users to pay a subscription fee every month or every year.

Fortunately, there are several free photo editing software that you can use for editing photos on a PC. Although it’s free, this software is quite good at doing various editing jobs.

What are some free photo editing software that you can download and install freely on your computer? Here are more info.

1. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is the most suitable photo editing software for those of you who are looking for software options that are practical and easy to use.
You can improve the quality of a photo with just one click. This program can determine roughly the results of the photo as what is the best you can get.

Not only that, this software can also edit multiple photos at once if the thing you want to edit is still the same thing.
This software is also quite light on your PC or laptop, so you don’t need to worry about your PC being slow when installing this software.

2. Photo Pos Pro

This sophisticated Softaware is suitable for those of you who need a cheaper and lighter PhotoShop alternative.
This software has 2 choices that you can use, i.e. novice and expert so you don’t need to worry if this software will be too complicated to use.

Excellent features in this software include optimizing photos, removing backround or unwanted objects, and there are also a large selection of frames and collages.
This software is also quite lightweight where even the Pentium processor can still run the program.


GIMP is a photo editing program developed and distributed free of charge for computer users.

This cool software can be optimized using plugins that can be downloaded separately as needed.
Not only is it easy to use, you can also adjust this program to each side as freely as you can.

Although it was developed free of charge, this one software supports a variety of jobs like other paid photo editing software.

4. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is a lightweight photo editing software that you can use for various purposes.

This software is designed in a minimalist way to facilitate users in using this software without the need for any help.

Although classified as a lightweight software, the features offered are also quite diverse such as image quality optimization and can also add a variety of interesting effects.

5. Darktable

The best software this one has a lot of similarities with Lightroom photo editing software.

The most striking difference between this software and Lightroom is that you don’t have to pay anything to use this software.

This software has a variety of features that you can use for the photo editing process.

In addition, this software also supports various photo formats, so you don’t need to worry about reformatting the photo before editing it in this application.

That’s the recommendation of photo editing software that you can use for free on a PC that you can install anytime and anywhere.
This collection of software can be a reference for those of you who have difficulty buying premium photo editing software such as PhotoShop.
The software in this list is also relatively lightweight and can be used widely on a variety of computers.

7 Best Photo Editing Applications For Android And iOS

When visiting or vacationing somewhere, of course it seems there is something missing if you don’t capture the moment there.

Moreover, now the smartphone already has a camera feature that allows you to get good photos.

But sometimes, shots from one’s own hands can be less than perfect, whether it’s from the angle or the brightness of the photo.

Now to outsmart, you can use the best photo editing application on smartphones, both Android and iOS.

With the help of the photo editing application, you can add color filters, combine and crop photos according to taste.

Photo Editing Application on Smartphones, for Android and iOS

Summarized by Indozone from various sources, here are the best photo editing applications on smartphones that you can try:

1. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor is one of the best photo editing applications chosen by smartphone users, both Android and iOS.
This one application has excellent filter results and is able to detect objects in photos.
It’s just that, to use Prisma Photo Editor, you have to make sure your internet connection is smooth, guys.


VSCO or VSCO Cam photo editing application is also a favorite of many people, especially for those who are addicted in the world of photography.
After editing on VSCO, your photo display will look more cool, artistic and like taken with an analog camera.
Besides being practical and easy, VSCO is present for iOS and Android users. You can download directly on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
However, not all filter options are available for free. To enjoy paid filters, you have to buy in full pack.
That way, a variety of attractive color filters, contrast, sharpness, and brightness you can choose as you wish.

3. PicsArt

The popular photo editing application PicsArt has a good design and various advanced features. Starting from photo collages, frames, to funny stickers.
PicsArt can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. It’s just that some features in it are paid.
After editing photos with this PicsArt application, it is guaranteed that your photo results will look more instagramable.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Of all the photo editing applications, Adobe Photoshop Express is arguably the easiest to use on Android smartphones.
Not only user friendly, this application has several important features such as filters, effects, crop, rotation, straighten, flip photos, frames, and image rendering engine.
This image rendering engine can be used to edit photos of various sizes, one of which is panorama.
You who want your selfie photos to look neater and cleaner from blemishes on your face can immediately choose the blemish-removal feature.
There is also a Noise Reduction feature to minimize spots or other distractions when taking photos at night.

5. Pixlr

Are you not satisfied with the results of the shots yourself? Try to quickly polish your photos with the Pixlr photo editing application.
There are so many features available in it such as brightness, contrast, insert text, stickers, effects, borders, overlays, and image quality.
Pixlr’s photo editing application can be enjoyed by Android and iOS users.

6. Snapseed

For you who like photos, the Snapseed application must be on your smartphone.
You can edit and process photos with a variety of cool features in Snapseed such as crop, tune image, tonal contrast, and vignette.
Only with Snapseed, you will get the best photos you want. Must try, guys!

7. Adobe Lightroom

Next, the best photo editing application on smartphones is Adoba Lightroom. Its features are similar to the computer version.
Because of that, editing photos with Adobe Lightroom will be more detailed and quite complicated compared to other applications.
Of course, the complexity is also in accordance with the results of the photos you edited in Lightroom. The aesthetics are higher.
This Adobe Lightroom application is actually a simplified version of Adobe Photoshop.

The Beginning of the Habit of People Say ‘Cheese’ When Photos

Apparently There Has Been Since The 1940s.
Why say cheese when taking a photo

Besides referring to cheese, ‘cheese‘ is also often used as a “formula” when taking pictures. The word is often used by the photographer to lure people to smile. Because when we say ‘cheese‘, the tip of the lips will automatically be raised and widened to form a smile like that. With this directive, the faces of the people being photographed can be uniform. The instructions above are usually done when there are important moments like family events, weddings, or graduations, so the photos are good if printed and displayed, right?

But have you ever been curious, why do you have to use the word “cheese”? Does it really have anything to do with cheese? To answer that question, let’s first review Hipwee this time.

The word that can make people smile when they say it first appeared in a local newspaper in Texas, called Big Spring Herald, 1943 edition

The local newspaper Big Spring Herald in Texas, United States, is believed to be the first source to mention the word ‘cheese‘ as a reference to people’s style when taking pictures. The word appeared in the 1943 edition precisely in one of the articles, which excerpts written as follows:

Regarding who the politician Davies meant, even now no one knows for sure. But many people suspect that it is Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd president of the United States. This is because Davies served as a lawyer as well as a diplomat during the Roosevelt administration. Does it have to do with cheese? Hmm … doesn’t look like it …

What is clear, after appearing in the newspaper, the word “cheese” became attached to the world of photography. He also changed the style of people taking pictures who used to close their lips more than smiling broadly

In the Victorian era or around the 19th century, only children, farmers and drunkards always smiled when photographed. Conversely, people with high social status prefer to close their lips when photographed. At that time, keeping your face neutral and straight was considered very attractive and dignified. So if you look around, photos of ancient people would be mostly expressionless.

Plus, ancient camera technology that is not as sophisticated as now makes the photo process can take hours and even days! Very unlikely people can hold a smile for that long

The period where camera technology is not as sophisticated as now, making the process of creating just one photo can take hours. There are also those that last for days. During that time, the person who became the object of the photo must be silent so that the resulting image can be good. So it’s hard to imagine having to hold a smile that long. So the pose that feels safe is indeed just silent without expression.

In addition, at that time, dental hygiene was not a top priority. People are embarrassed if they have to show a smile with broken or toothless teeth

People’s awareness of dental health in that era was not as big as now. When you have a toothache, most people in the past chose to pull it out right away. The problem is that there are no medical measures such as patching teeth with holes, or polishing teeth to make it whiter. Many people become toothless or damaged teeth. This makes them lazy to smile when they have to be photographed.

But as the discovery of camera technology that can make a shorter photo time, people become more courageous expression. At that time the film industry in the US was also very much developing. So people kind of have more references about how they should style when taking photos. More casual photos also began to appear. So not only that photo must be in the studio with a flat style. They began to explore by taking photos from everyday life.

5 Tips on Editing Celebrity-style Photos with Lightroom Presets

Maybe some of you who want to be celebrities or just exist on Instagram, want photos that you upload or post look better and cooler, but what’s the power of some people who think that to become celebrities must have an expensive smartphone like the iPhone so that the photos posted look very nice. In fact, not so! You only need to improve the quality of your photos by editing photos. There are many applications that you can use, one of them is Lightroom.

Lightroom which is usually used by editors and using a PC can now be used on the mobile version or commonly used on the Android and IOS platforms.

1. First, you have to understand what Lightroom presets are edited, just paste and BOOM! Your photos can look cool in seconds!

Just sticking it doesn’t mean your photo will look cool. You also need to know that lightroom presets don’t match your photo, presets are made with brightness, contrast, which follows the photo where the preset was made. So after you paste the presets, you need to edit them a little because each photo will have a different light and color composition. For that, don’t forget to adjust before posting to Instagram.

2. Lightroom presets also depend on conditions, so first determine the spot before the preset paste origin

Not all presets will produce satisfying results for you, maybe some of the presets that you use will match and some others don’t.

Relax, if you are already good at using lightroom you might be able to adjust it. But for those of you who are beginners, you only need to reselect the photo you are using or the presets you are using.

Pay attention to the presets, if the presets are used in nature photos look for photos with a nature theme, if the presets are used for dusk it certainly will not fit on photos that are too bright or during the day. Look for the appropriate photo.

3. Choose a lightroom preset that suits your hobby. Make it your identity, then you will be known

If you look at Instagram feeds selebgram will look neat and has its own uniqueness. They know very well the presets they are using or how they are editing.

Well, for that you must first determine what your hobbies are and specify your preset. If you are a traveler, it is necessary to use presets that are suitable for travelers and post photos of your activities consistently.

4. Consistent is necessary, so you get more attention to be the most unique in social media

Do you know Nabilazirus celebrity? If you know, of course you really know the uniqueness of what makes him famous. Well, photos that are combined with animated images and unique preset colors certainly make others want to be like him.

But does he make it by imitating others?
Well who knows … but you should know that every post he will be consistent with the same edtan results. Then you might also need to have its own presets and edits and make it more consistent to publish

5. Finally, it’s better you make your own presets to make it more fitting

Well of course making your own presets is much better, because this is a matter of taste. There may be a lot of presets available but it doesn’t suit you, well the solution is to make it yourself, try downloading the lightroom just play, just edit it then you will know the functions slowly.